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Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010 Men´s.

Noah Mills

"Sparkling." How else was Stefano Gabbana going to describe his mood after a show that put on the glitz to a degree so OTT it bordered on the satirical? It had all the skin and shimmer, flesh and flash of a Vegas review—except it was men rather than showgirls up there on that stage.

Jesus Luz

The peach in the fruit bowl was Jesus Luz, who emerged in a black silk tux shirt—and matching bathing suit. Given his designation as Madonna's innamorato, he looked appropriately insecure.

Vladimir Ivanov

The label's resident male, David Gandy, appeared anything but as he redefined twenty-first-century beefcake in a pair of severely truncated white trunks.

Jesper Lund

Domenico and Stefano recently mentioned that the Sicilian pinstripes-and-black suit signature can become a little oppressive for them.

Cory Bond

So they sensibly honored their heritage with a handful of sober classics, then cut loose with extravagant flights of gilded fancy, strewing crystals with fierce abandon all over jackets, jeans, and accessories.

Garrett Neff

Anyone seeking some kind of fashion statement from the duo might take note of the chunky yet summer-weight knitwear, or the artful perforation of skins, or maybe even the resuscitation of the borsellino, known vernacularly—and mockingly—as the "murse."

Sebastian Lund

Otherwise, Dolce & Gabbana went hell-bent for glam, mixing day and night into a seamless 24 hours—and sending out a finale that was a nonpareil hymn to the beader's craft.

Chris Folz

Adam Senn

Sam Saffman

Rafael Lazzini

Vincent Dienst

Guy Robinson

Antonio Navas

Nate Gill

Clint Mauro

Julian Schratter

Miguel Iglesias

Tom Warren

Matt Benstead

Alexandre Cunha

Jarek Pietka

Sam Webb

Sean Harju

Sean Opry


Jesus Luz


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