sábado, 24 de octubre de 2009

Vogue Italia Octubre del 2009.

Every month Vogue Italia manages to keep us on our toes with its choice of cover subject and this month the surprise is especially pleasant.

After a six year absence Rianne Ten Haken returns to the cover of VI with fiery hair and a sultry attitude.

This cover plus the incredible season Miss Ten Haken has been having makes for the official haute comeback of the year.

Add to this the unmistakable presence of one Karlie Kloss, the unstoppable force that just keeps getting better and better with every editorial, cover or campaign.

A Vogue Italia cover is the icing on the cake for a newcomer who has managed to continuously awe with her much heralded skills in front of the camera.

With hot pink hair and an unexpectedly saucy demeanor, Karlie dominates every frame that she’s in.

Steven Meisel has quite a treat in store for us this month - the party to the limit action spied in this preview is sure to whet your appetite for the full issue.

Iris Strubegger, Dorothea Barth Jorgensen and Simon Nessman all make appearances in what is sure to be an exciting affair.

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